Volume 59, Issue 35: May 10, 2013

May 06, 2013


The Chronicle Review

  • After Catastrophe

    Scholars who perceive the world as interconnected systems know that there are surely more disasters to come.

  • Nature's Limits

    Ecologists looking for the best way to manage natural resources try to encourage systems that can absorb and accommodate unexpected future events.

  • Bouncing Back May Be Tough, but So Are We

    Just as ecosystems can absorb serious shock and change into different but stable versions of themselves, so can people, researchers say.

  • That Elastic Term

    C.S. Holling first defined the concept of "resilience" in 1973 as a system's ability to rebound. It has found its way into many disciplines, but does it lack precision?

  • Selected Works on Resilience, 2001-12

    Recent seminal works in the field.