Volume 62, Issue 9: October 30, 2015

October 25, 2015
This week's highlights.


Administration October 25, 2015

What you need to know about the past seven days.

Administration October 25, 2015

The university, entwined with Silicon Valley, develops innovative students with a synergy that has been summarized as "one plus one equals four."

Finance October 25, 2015

A third of the colleges that responded to an annual Chronicle survey didn’t meet their enrollment or revenue goals this year. For some, the time has come to make hard choices.

Leadership & Governance October 20, 2015

Professors say their views on candidates are given short shrift. But board members say they do plenty to solicit faculty input.

Administration October 20, 2015

An "all hazards" approach has become the rule at most large institutions, but that requires intensive planning. Campus security officials hope a new program could help better prepare smaller colleges.

Government October 15, 2015

The state was among the last to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. But now it's one of many states having a robust debate about whether guns have a place in college buildings.

Government October 18, 2015

Academic studies of gun violence may be ripe for misuse in the heated political debates that follow mass shootings.

Faculty October 22, 2015

Berkeley officials said they could not quickly dismiss the astronomer Geoffrey W. Marcy because the process would have been "lengthy and uncertain." The case reflects the complex dynamics at play in such situations.

Labor & Work-Life Issues October 15, 2015

A group of department chairs complained to deans over the advertisement, which sought "a tenure-track assistant professor in some area of the humanities or qualitative social sciences."

Technology October 21, 2015

A campaign launched by 72 groups argues that civil-rights laws oblige colleges to shield students from anonymous threats and abuse on social media.

Athletics October 22, 2015

The controversy surrounding the university’s Native American mascot has raged for decades. Now it’s coming to an end. Maybe.

Wired Campus October 19, 2015

Though the media hype surrounding massive open online courses has waned, interest in the courses themselves isn’t tapering off, according to a new report.

Graduate Students October 21, 2015

The elite university has issued 15 dos and don’ts to help professors discuss unionization efforts with students.

Students October 08, 2015

The influx is fueled not by care packages from Mom, but by a surge in online shopping — for textbooks, Halloween costumes, Valentine sweets, dormitory décor, even mini-fridges.

Students October 19, 2015

Experts in advertising, social media, and behavioral economics provide perspective on the "Better Make Room" effort.

Government October 19, 2015

The Education Department imposed the new restrictions after finding that the company had failed to reconcile its student-aid accounts in a timely manner for several years.

Government October 19, 2015

The secretary of education says the department should have cracked down sooner on "bad actors" among for-profit colleges.

Admissions & Student Aid October 19, 2015

As high-school graduation rates rise, a new report questions whether too many students are being given false assurances that they’re ready for college or the work force.

People October 25, 2015

Patrick Awuah, after studying and working for Microsoft in the United States, founded a university in his native country in Africa.

People October 25, 2015

A book about school desegregation in Boston reminds a chancellor that moral leaders come from all ranks of society.

People October 25, 2015

Leadership & Governance September 28, 2015

For the first time, Chatham University is enrolling men in its undergraduate programs. President Esther L. Barazzone talks about how the Pittsburgh institution is staying true to its values.

Commentary October 15, 2015

A historian facing active-shooter defense training resents how the burden of violence is being placed on educators.

Commentary October 15, 2015

An instructor wonders whether the likelihood of concealed guns in her classroom would make her go easy on certain students.

Commentary October 15, 2015

Students are scared of more shootings, an instructor writes. He’s not sure how to reassure them, but talking about it can only help.

Advice October 13, 2015

Mastering the dark art of curricular kung fu.

Commentary October 25, 2015

Taking courses outside the major and gen-ed requirements helps students sort potential passions from paths not worth pursuing.

Commentary October 25, 2015

The obvious answer is, We don’t know. And that raises a more interesting question: Shouldn’t we be more concerned with something’s value than its use?

The Chronicle Review October 25, 2015

Even serious literature seems frivolous to some academics.

The Chronicle Review October 16, 2015

How a purported coup plot in Turkey transformed Harvard's Dani Rodrik into a private investigator.

The Chronicle Review October 24, 2015

A century ago, Thorstein Veblen raged against many ills that still plague academe.

The Chronicle Review October 25, 2015

Psychology needs more replication of experiments. Here's a way to do that.

The Chronicle Review October 25, 2015

Jedediah Purdy envisions a new politics for a new environmental age.

The Chronicle Review October 25, 2015

Every unfamiliar idea is a chance to grow.