Where the International Students Are, State by State

November 12, 2012

Among the states, California has the largest number of international students, while Massachusetts has the largest percentage of such students as part of its total enrollment. In all, 764,495 international students studied in the United States in 2011-12, making up 3.7 percent of the total student population. They and their dependents are estimated to have contributed more than $21.8-billion to the U.S. economy in that year in the form of tuition and living expenses.

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Note: Percentages of international students are for 2010-11 because the latest figures from the Education Department on total enrollment are for that year. Colleges listed include only those that had more than 10 international students and responded to a survey.
Sources: Institute of International Education; U.S. Education Department; Nafsa: Association of International Educators