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Jordan P. Muntz: Community College Finally Provides a Good Fit

Jordan P. Muntz
March 02, 2012

At 21, Jordan P. Muntz has already taken classes at a half-dozen colleges. He earned a few credits from Taylor University while in high school in Fort Wayne, Ind. After he graduated, in 2009, he went off to Cedarville University, in Ohio, to study mechanical engineering.

It didn't go so well: He struggled academically and, in a year, earned only about 12 credits.

The next fall, Mr. Muntz stayed home in Fort Wayne and took an aviation class at Ivy Tech Community College. He hopes to work someday in aviation for Christian missions in remote locations.

The following spring, Mr. Muntz headed to Illinois to attend Lincoln Christian University, where his father, Palmer H. Muntz, was the admissions director. The younger Mr. Muntz took courses on the Bible and missions and thrived academically.

Then his father got a new job, at Multnomah University, in Portland, Ore. At first Jordan wanted to stay in Fort Wayne, to be near his girlfriend. But in finding a job and a place to live, he struck out.

Meanwhile, his father had contacted the Mission Aviation Fellowship, which recommended training programs at a number of colleges. One was Portland Community College, close to Multnomah.

By last November, when Mr. Muntz went to register, the program and its waiting list had filled up. So he took a few classes at Multnomah in the fall. This semester he got into the program at Portland Community College; he plans to earn a certificate that will allow him to get a job as an airplane mechanic in a year and a half.

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