Judge Gags at John Lott's Bid for Gag Order

June 15, 2007

A federal judge has rejected John R. Lott Jr.’s request that a gag order be placed on any and all information that emerges in the pretrial discovery process in Mr. Lott’s defamation suit against Steven D. Levitt, the best-selling University of Chicago economist.

The judge invited both parties on Thursday to propose a different protective order that would be less restrictive than the one Mr. Lott had requested.

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Variance blog brings the news that Mr. Levitt acquitted himself nicely on Tuesday at the World Series of Poker. Here is a Greek-to-me account of Mr. Levitt’s day at the tables, in which we learn that, on his final hand, “5 of clubs on the river was the major suckout.”

For nearly two years, Mr. Levitt has been assembling a database of poker hands in an attempt to build an empirically grounded theory of poker. —David Glenn