Editorial Staff

March 12, 2013

Katherine Mangan

Senior Writer

Katherine Mangan, a senior reporter based in Austin, Tex., joined The Chronicle in 1986. She covers community colleges, professional schools, college-completion and work-force issues, and higher-education news in the Southwest. She worked in Washington covering faculty issues for the Chronicle before moving to Austin as a longtime regional correspondent, covering such stories as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the bruising battles over higher education in Texas. She has also written extensively about the state of legal education, the effect of health reform on medical schools, and ethics in business education, and has spoken about professional-school issues on conference panels and radio talk shows.

Since joining the Students section of The Chronicle, Mangan has focused on students’ preparedness and remediation, dual enrollment, transfer, access, and completion. She also contributes features to the People section.

Previously she covered courts and crime for The Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel and was a reporter and world-desk editor for the Associated Press.

A 1981 graduate of Williams College, where she majored in French, Mangan spent her junior year at the Sorbonne.