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AAUP Faculty Salary Survey

May 17, 2009


The salaries are reported in thousands of dollars and are rounded to the nearest hundred. They are adjusted to a nine-month work year. The figures cover full-time members of each institution's instructional staff, except those in medical schools.

The designations I, IIA, IIB, III, and IV are defined in this chart, which gives the percentile distributions of salaries for each academic rank.

For 2001-2 and later years, a dash (--) appears whenever an institution has fewer than three faculty members in a given rank. For 1999-2000 and 2000-1, a dash appears whenever an institution has fewer than six faculty members in a given rank. A blank space indicates that the institution has no faculty members in that rank. An asterisk indicates that 2007-8 figures for the University of Wisconsin campuses are preliminary. The tables omit footnotes qualifying the information reported by some institutions. The figures were compiled by the American Association of University Professors.


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