The CV Doctor Is Back: David Jones's CV - Before

December 16, 2009

This candidate will earn his Ph.D. in political science in the spring of 2010. He plans to apply for nine faculty positions at doctoral institutions and others, as well as for postdocs. On the nonacademic side, he expects to apply to some consulting firms and nongovernmental organizations focused on human rights.

Most of our comments about his CV are on format and presentation of information. He's from a very well-regarded program and appears to be a strong candidate.



David Jones

1234 Academic Hall, City, State Zip Department Phone Department Fax

DISSERTATION    A Systematic Critique of Multiculturalism and Human Rights (1)
               Adviser     JANE SMITH

Focusing on the phenomenon of violence against women in the private sphere, my dissertation aims to combine the two literatures of multiculturalism and human rights.  In these two genres of literature, the same critiques of cultural rights and human rights are being made but have yet to be brought together.  According to feminist scholars’ insights into the private realm, cultural rights that provide special protections to ethnic groups, and human rights that supposedly provide universal protections often do not apply to women in practice. These special and universalistic rights can be used—and in fact have been used—as legal shields to cover up acts that harm women’s interests and well-being, thus exacerbating violence against women at home.  By studying this phenomenon systematically, my dissertation breaks new ground.

Political Theory, American Politics, International Relations; Human Rights, Multiculturalism

Education(2) Ph.D. Political Science University of State X 2010
Ranking as of 28 July 2009  Top 5 of more than 250-plus graduate students
M.A. Foreign Affairs University of State A
M.A. French Z University 1996
B.A.  French University of State Y 1992

Graduate Teaching Experience  (4)

U of State X
Introduction to American Politics, Fall quarter 2003-2004
American Economic Strategy, Winter quarter
Democratic Theory, Spring quarter
Introduction to American Politics, Fall quarter 2002-2003
Introduction to Political Theory, Winter quarter
Introduction to American Politics, Spring quarter
U of State A French Grammar Instructor, Fall semester 2000-2001
Modern Political Theory, Spring semester
Political and Social Thought, Fall and Spring semesters 1999-2000
US Foreign Policy, Fall semester (double teaching load)
Introduction to International Relations, Fall semester 1998-1999
Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Nations, Spring
French Grammar Instructor, Fall and Spring semesters 1997-1998


Courses Prepared to Teach
Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to American Politics, Multiculturalism, Liberalism, and Human Rights
Languages (6)
• French (near native level) • Chinese (basic writing and speaking) • Latin (basic reading)
(7) (8)


  Dialogue Article "Interview with Jane Smith by David Jones." (9)
[4] Contemporary Political Theory

Feature Article "Brian Barry and the Headscarf Case in France."
[3] Contemporary Political Theory 5(2):176-192.

"The ‘Relative Universality’ of Human Rights: An Assessment." 2005
[2] Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 4(3-4):577-601.

"Kant and Nietzsche on Human Rights: A Theoretical Approach." 2000
[1] Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies 19(2-3):191-207.


  International Studies Association Travel Grant [see note 5] 2009
at U of State X Dissertation Year Fellowship 2007-8
Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarship 2006-7
Center for the Study of Women’s Graduate Student Travel Grant 2006
University Fellowship 2005-6
Multiyear Fellowship 2002-5
University Fellowship 2001-2



American Political Science Association:
  Are Women Free? Violence, Human Rights, Freedom 2006
  From Pinochet to Kissinger: A New Human Rights Campaign 2002
International Studies Association:
  A Neo-Classical Liberal Perspective on Human Rights 2009
  Int’l Human Rights: An Alternative Interpretation and a Defense 2008
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy:
  Human Rights: A Reinterpretation 2008
  A Question of Freedom: Violence Against Women 2007



Jane Smith, Distinguished Professor, Political Science, University of State X,
         University mailing address
         Phone   Department ; Office ; Fax

John Doe, Professor and Chair, Political Science, University of State X,
         University mailing address
         Phone   Department ; Office ; Fax

Ann Citizen, Professor, History, University of State X,
         University mailing address
         Phone   Department ; Office ; Fax

Dora Polita, Professor, Political Science, University of State X
         University mailing address
         Phone   Department ; Office ; Fax


Outside the United States
  École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, EHESS, Paris, France 1996-97
(the Institute for Advanced Studies of Social Sciences) 1995-97
International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France, Summer 1993
Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan, Spring 1992
University of Poitiers, France 1990-91




1. We suggest that you use a more traditional format for your vita and start with an Education section. It looks odd to begin the CV with your dissertation title and adviser and to list no institutional affiliation. In addition, we are not fond of making so many standard and critical sections of the CV into subsections and are concerned that this format will not serve you well.

We believe you are trying to get much of the important information on the first page which is admirable and can be done, with our format suggestions, if you decrease the 1.25" margins to 1". Return to CV.

2. We would like to see you start the CV with your Education and make that heading uppercase and bold. We also think the title of the Education section should sit above the actual information listed. Don't start the information on the same line as the section title, as you do now. Make sure all of of your headings are done the same way.

We also think that the indentations you use are too deep. If you want to use indenting as a way to make information stand out, try an indent of only 5 characters.

We also suggest you omit "Ranking as of 28 July 2009 Top 5 of more than 250-plus graduate students." It is unnecessary and from what you wrote in an e-mail message, it may not be entirely accurate. Your recommenders will probably discuss how you measure up to your peers. Return to CV.

3. Place your Dissertation section here, following the Education section. Return to CV.

4. We suggest you change Graduate Teaching Experience to Teaching Experience and Interests. Put the title in uppercase, and parallel to other major headings. We also suggest that Courses Prepared to Teach become a subheading of this section and be in italics, similar to the names of the institutions. Return to CV.

5. How about having a section entitled Research Experience here that could include a description of what you did with the International Studies Association Travel Grant that is now listed under the Grants and Fellowships section? This new section could include the experience you now list at the end of your CV under Additional Education. Return to CV.

6. Languages are important but don’t need to appear on the first page of your CV. We'd like you to move them to the a new section at the end of your vita that we would call Additional Information. You could list Languages there as the first of two subsections. The Additional Information section should precede your list of references. Return to CV.

7. Something happened to the type size of headings on the second page of your CV. They went from 11 pt. to 14 pt. Please make the type size of these titles consistent. Return to CV.

8. We would like to see Grants and Fellowships as the next section of your CV (following Teaching Experience and Interests). Return to CV.

9. Having a smaller indent here should help the publications look better and make it possible to have the dates of those publications line up on the right, if you want. Return to CV.

10. This should read Selected Conference Presentations, not Select. But why have you shortened this list? You should include all of your conference presentations. Return to CV.

11. A CV should never have a section following the References. As stated earlier we suggest you create a new section called Additional Information that would have two subsections, one called Languages and one titled Additional Education Outside the United States or, simply, Additional Education.

We also notice that the information you now list under Additional Education is fairly dated. We suggest removing it unless there is a compelling reason for keeping all of it on your CV.

One more thing: Please be consistent in your spacing at the end of sections. It makes the CV look more professional and less messy. Return to CV.