U. of California's President, Robert Dynes, to Resign After Tumultuous 5 Years

August 13, 2007

Robert C. Dynes, president of the University of California since 2003, announced today that he would step down in June 2008. During a busy stint as president, Mr. Dynes, a renowned physicist, has faced budget cuts, a compensation scandal, high turnover among campus chancellors, and struggles over maintaining student diversity in the 10-campus system.

In February 2006 Mr. Dynes answered testy questions from state lawmakers at a high-profile hearing over the university’s compensation practices. Some called for his resignation, expressing outrage over the $334-million in questionable pay and perks an audit had discovered, but he weathered the storm. He was later praised for having improved transparency through changes in university administrative offices and an overhaul of pay policies.

Mr. Dynes, 64, will resign at the end of a “nearly five-year mark he had initially set for himself,” according to a university statement, and will “focus on his personal life, including a new marriage and his continued research into superconductivity.” —Paul Fain