Volume 60, Issue 17: January 10, 2014

January 06, 2014


The Chronicle Review

  • The Graying of the NYRB

    At 50, the onetime upstart New York Review of Books has become a staid, insular empire of its own.

  • Too Many Titles Premium Link

    Scholars can't possibly keep up with what they're supposed to read.

  • An MLA History, Minus the Nostalgia Premium Link

    The convention's evolution has long been marked by struggles over cultural politics, redefining literature and how it should be studied.

  • The Paratext's the Thing

    For many in media studies, the irritating distractions have become the main attractions.

  • What's New? Premium Link

    Nothing but combinations and recurrences of the old, according to an ostensibly new book on novelty

  • A Modern-Day Scriptorium Premium Link

    Once upon a time, in a land before search engines, indexing journals for the H.W. Wilson Company felt like a lofty calling.