Volume 60, Issue 39: June 20, 2014

June 17, 2014


The Chronicle Review

  • When Literature Was Dangerous

    Ulysses helped create a culture in which books lack urgency.

  • The Patriarch Premium Link

    Fritz Senn and the rise of Joyce studies

  • How Corporate IT Enslaved Academe Premium Link

    Vast computer networks have come to dictate scholars' endeavors, to the detriment of their spirits and intellects. It's time to recognize the foe and fight back.

  • The Limits of Religious Tolerance

    Should believers be exempt from laws they despise?

  • A New Father's Conceptions

    Philosophy and parenthood begin in the same place: wonder.

  • Malthusian Ideas, Used and Abused Premium Link

    An English cleric's prescient considerations of population and scarcity have been put through the ideological wringer.

  • This Is a Trigger Warning

    Telling students who come to class with post-traumatic stress disorder to just suck it up is not a reasonable response to what trauma does.