Volume 60, Issue 40: July 4, 2014

June 30, 2014


The Chronicle Review

  • Black Women's Status Update

    Whether about Kara Walker or Rihanna, social media provide rare, much-needed forums to opine.

  • The Miseducation of America

    The film Ivory Tower reflects the sound bites, horror stories, and misinformation marring debate over higher education.

  • Memory and Identity Premium Link

    Two researchers at Emory University explore how and why we form autobiographical recollections.

  • Born Again Premium Link

    It's not a subculture but a movement that has affected all Americans.

  • Book Review: Mathematical Modernity Premium Link

    Jesuits in 1632 declared infinitely small quantities to be impossible. Time proved them immeasurably wrong.

  • #failedintellectual

    @NeinQuarterly says goodbye to academe and hello to whatever.


  • A Foreigner Teaching in America

    In his first year as a faculty member, a new Ph.D. found that his biggest challenges on the job came from students themselves.

  • The Great Accreditation Farce

    Certifying religious colleges that honor faith over academic freedom makes a mockery of whatever academic and intellectual standards the process is supposed to uphold.

  • Should You Have a Baby in Graduate School?

    I can't tell you the answer. But I do know this: The decision belongs to you, not the chair of your dissertation committee.