August 04, 2014

The Chronicle Review

  • Born Too Soon

    A physician and his interdisciplinary team investigate a surge of premature births in Puerto Rico.

  • People Over Pedagogy

    There are lots of pedagogical reasons why students should read novels—but that’s not why students should read novels.

  • Revanchism and Its Costs

    In Ukraine, Iraq, and many other places around the globe, political philosophy’s neglected stepchild is again raising havoc.

  • The Believers

    Post-9/11, scholars scolded the religious. Now they overintellectualize them.

  • Selfie-Love

    The philosopher Simon Blackburn decries narcissism as the handmaiden to vanity and hubris.

  • Finding My Inner Artist via iTunes Premium Link

    Finding no nurturing retreat for nonfiction writers, a scholar creates her own, at home.