Scouting Antietam

October 10, 2012, 9:17 pm

I’m teaching a Cornell Adult University course this week on the Battle of Antietam. The course starts tomorrow, but I scouted various parts of the battlefield today, to check them out and refresh my memory. I took photographs to share (warning! Large file sizes!).

IMG 1914

The War Correspondent’s Arch, at Gathland State Park, where the Battle of Crampton’s Gap took place. It’s a fascinating spot, deep in Maryland’s back woods, up in mountains, but intersecting with the Appalachian Trail. Bill van Gilder, a local potter, who lives near by, told me of sending messages to friends who live near the Trail in North Carolina, via hikers who come through the area. Turnaround time? About three months.

After Gathland, I moved on to the Antietam battlefield, starting with Burnside’s Bridge. I tried the exciting new panorama feature in my iPhone and got this of Burnside’s Bridge and its surroundings:

IMG 1923

And, just in case I was short on caffeine, there was a handy signpost on my path:

IMG 1925

If only the National Park Service would imitate William McKinley and provide “hot coffee” right there on the battlefield.

Oh, well. Tomorrow, we begin the campaign.

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