Your Electoral Update, Candidate Frequent Flyer Miles Edition

October 24, 2012, 3:26 pm

We hear that lots of states are now in play that weren’t before: Pennsylvania, Arizona, and so on. But where do the candidates think the votes are? Where are they actually going to rally the faithful and convince the unconvinced? Just about exactly where you would expect. President Obama is winging around the country:


California and Illinois are likely fundraising visits; the others are exactly the swing states that everyone’s been watching all along.

How about the campaign with the Big Mo? Governor Romney is heading over the next few days to Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia, exactly where you would expect. Sorry, I couldn’t find a fancy graphic on the Romney campaign web site.

But perhaps the VP candidates are stealthily heading to newly viable swing states? Nope. They’re both in Ohio today.

The odd thing is that, after all the muss and fuss of the past six months, all the debates, all the gaffes, all the economic news, we’re pretty much exactly where we were in 2004, with Bush-Kerry. It’s going to be a close election, and it’s going to come down to Ohio, maybe Florida, but mostly Ohio.

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