Random Friday Notes: Jobs Report, Benghazi, and Evil Plane Seat Booking Behavior

May 2, 2014, 7:26 pm

In no particular order:

  • Job reports. In the latest form of blog posts/newspaper articles, we have the “The jobs report is good/bad on the surface, but bad/good underneath” genre. We got a bumper crop of it after today’s release. Yes, I know that today’s report was not of unalloyed good cheer, but 288,000 jobs added is a solid result for this economy, as it squelches along in an era obsessed with austerity.
  • Benghazi is back (as if it ever left!) because Hillary Clinton is (probably) running for President in 2016. Benghazi will be an issue until she has finished with her second term.
  • Evil Plane Seat Booking Behavior. From Tuesday’s New York Times “A child and his mother almost did me in once [on a plane flight]. I love children. Children are great. But recently I had the middle seat between a mother and her little boy. I thought it was strange that I was in the middle, but the mother told me she had purposely booked the aisle and window seats so someone would sit between her and her son. I guess she wanted a barrier, and that didn’t bode well for me since I was obviously going to be that barrier.” Really, Anonymous Mother, really? You deliberately threw a stranger under an oncoming bus driven by your child? That’s evil.

Have a good weekend.

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