Update On The Ryan Gosling Meme, and Other Blog Bites

December 16, 2011, 7:07 pm

Tenured Radical has been laid up for few days.  I was riding over to Historiann‘s place, where we were planning on roping, tying and branding a few menz. You know, just a casual feminist afternoon activity to pass the time before final papers come in. But as I was coming round the canyon wall I ran into a few conservative bloggers rustling the herd.  Needless to say there was an exchange of words, and then BLAM! I got gut shot by a law professor.  A few stitches and I’m fine:  I’ll tell you the rest of the story later.

Meanwhile,  a few things have come across the transom.  First of all, check out the contribution to the Ryan Gosling meme designed by a reader at Rice University.  Much hotter than my Ryan who looks, come to think of it, a little like a lesbian.  Next, historian Sam Redman, a Berkeley friend from my summer seminar at ROHO has responded to Newt Gingrich’s suggestion that we fire janitors and have children clean the schools instead.  As Redman argues in a New York Times op-ed, although the notion that we would put thousands of janitors out of work is “woefully misguided,” there is, in fact, a  “right way to put kids to work.” How about that long liberal tradition that started with the National Youth Administration in 1935?  As Redman reminds us:

Founded in 1935, the N.Y.A. aided over four million people between the ages of 16 and 25 in the midst of the Depression, providing desperately needed stipends to students while also working to improve and maintain the infrastructure of places like schools, universities and museums. High schools around the nation hired students to help maintain school grounds and athletic fields — not unlike Mr. Gingrich’s proposal. Other students found temporary work at museums, earning money while helping preserve and organize priceless collections of artifacts. These jobs were not terribly glamorous — some were downright tedious — but in the climate of the Great Depression, students and other underemployed youths were grateful for the steady pay.

Right on Sam.  I was thinking we could put children to work researching the question of why Newt’s public pledge to be faithful to his current wife is any more believable than the promise he made at the altar to be faithful to the other two — and what this stupid pledge to be monogamous has to do with running the country.

My advice to Newt?  Watch what Michelle Bachman does, and do the opposite.

So, back to that low down dirty lawyer that done gunshot me:  this post made the Althouse blog, which in my view means that I am finally getting noticed by the conservative glitterati.  Next stop, Ann Coulter.  This is also a good reminder of how fractured the blogosphere is:  although I had heard of Ann Althouse, I had never actually read her.  I still can’t figure out what she thinks about the post, except that I am a twit like all feminists, and that I am using my real name (who would choose Claire Potter as a pseudonym?)

Althouse seems to have a dedicated following of people you won’t want to meet in a dark alley. My second favorite comment on the post about me is: “Did you know the ability to throw is the greatest measurable difference between males and females? (Besides boobs and child bearing.) No woman has broke the 4 minute mile yet. The U.S. boy’s high school record for the mile is faster than the world record for women. While Danica Patrick is a helluva drive[r], she has one win, exactly the same number Trevor Bayne had at the age of 20 years and one day.” Feminists need to know that “the truth hurts.” Men are better. Sports prove it.  This is why feminists should not write about sports, and explains why, when they do, they are so angry.

The commenter who wins the prize (trigger warning for real this time!!!) also lets you know — in case the others on Althouse allow you to forget — why we still need feminism.  Here goes: “There is the question of whether one would want someone like Claire Potter for a friend, unless of course there’s a prospect of sex as a reward for mutely enduring the unendurable. The solution is to wait for the full and complete BJ then give her the unvarnished veritas right between the eyes.”  It took me a minute to comprehend this, me being a gold star lesbian and all, but this commenter is fantasizing out loud about taking a money shot in my face. Nice, Althouse.  Nice.  Love your friends.

We are left with three pressing questions. First, would anyone leave a comment like that about Juan Cole? Discuss.  Second, while the post itself is vague and disorganized, I get it that Althouse has a job, and that is to use bloggers like me as straw people.  I accept that:  it’s part of the game. But why would anyone — much less a law professor — leave a comment like that up on her blog (along with all the other comments about boobs and breasts?) To prove that she’s not a wimpy feminist? Got that right, sister!  Finally, why would someone who occupies a major chair at a major Midwestern law school (and surely receives a major salary in return), who is blogging on a free platform, and who takes advertising, ask her regular readers to donate $$ to her blog because it “helps with some of the expenses.” What expenses?

Enquiring minds want to know.



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