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August 30, 2012, 5:02 pm

Still interested in strange Republican views of the female body?  Here’s a terrific piece in the New York Times by my former Zenith history colleague Jennifer Tucker (August 23 2012) defending Todd Akin’s science as correct — for medieval Europe, that is. Who says feminists don’t have a sense of humor???

And here’s a great WaPo op-ed by Stanford historian Estelle B. Freedman, “Women’s Long Battle to Define Rape” (August 24 2012) that places the emergence of rape as a prosecutable crime in the context of United States racial history. It comes complete with 300 wackadoodle mansplainin’ comments, lecturing this eminent scholar of gender and sexuality on aspects of American history and society that, as a feminist scholar, she could not possibly have been aware of  (for example, that if you get rid of illegal immigrants there will be no more rape.)

Finally, here’s something I have no sense of humor about: at a moment when funding for the humanities is under terrible pressure already, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has decided to eliminate a program that supported the completion of dissertations in women’s studies. Supposedly this is because of a shortage of funds. Janet Golden, a member of this year’s selection committee (and one of the Rutgers-Camden organizers who helped preserve the integrity of that campus last spring) writes:

I just created a petition: Woodrow Wilson Foundation: Reinstate the Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellowship Program, because I care deeply about this very important issue. I have served on the final selection committee for several years and I know how valuable this fellowship is to graduate students and to the production of great scholarship. Every member of the selection committee has donated her honoraria in support of the fellowship.

Sign the petition asking WWF to reinstate this vital program here.

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