When Gerda Lerner Calls, Answer

September 28, 2014, 1:55 pm

UW-Madison_history_professor_Gerda_LernerBecause it’s always Women’s History Month here at Tenured Radical, I’m happy to announce that Why Women Need to Climb Mountains – A Journey of Discovery with Dr. Gerda Lerner, the documentary about this pioneering historian of women, is well on its way to completion.  But we need your help.

As Director Renata Keller and producer Kathy Bayer write,

We’re thrilled to have completed production on the first and only documentary about pioneering feminist historian Dr. Gerda Lerner. After 2 years of hard work, navigating financial and practical challenges, and unfortunately losing Gerda in the middle of filming, we’re very happy to have come this far.

We’ve received financial support from foundations in Austria and the US, as well as generous individuals worldwide – and we still need to raise $62,000 (48,000 euros) to edit and complete the film this winter. We hope to release it in 2015.

We just launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo and are reaching out to you, and anyone you may know who would appreciate the significance of telling this very important story, to ask for support. We need and appreciate contributions of any amount to help take the film to completion.

In one of the last interviews, Gerda said that this film will continue the work she’s been able to do for women, and this is our mission: to use the film as a platform for open discussions between men and women about where the future lies for us all.

In the independent film world these days, it takes a village of all of us who recognize the value of a story like this to bring it to life.  A heartfelt thanks in advance for your interest and support!

You can donate at Indiegogo.

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