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June 19, 2012, 8:59 pm

It’s Summer: Let’s Tee Up Some History Shorts

Obama may have made history by being the first president to golf in cargo shorts.

Word has it that all of us will be wearing shorts on Thursday, as the temperature rises into the high 90s. So let’s start the chilling with a…

Cold War Cultural Revival. You thought that the membership of the American Studies Association, the Modern Language Association and the Organization of American Historians had collectively driven a stake through the heart of American Exceptionalism. But someone from the Republican National Committee fished your old copies of Frederick Jackson Turner and Lionel Trilling out of the book donation box at the local library.

In April 2011, your favorite Radical twigged you to a Sarah Palin speech in which she explained that her appearance at the Iowa State Fair was intended, not…

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August 19, 2011, 10:36 pm

Putting The Exceptionalism Back In: Does Sarah Palin Have A Shot At the Nomination?

Photo credit: Ed Reinke, AP

We at Tenured Radical were skimming the Daily Kos today and stumbled on a video made by Sarah Palin’s people as she was making a run through Iowa. But she wasn’t at the State Fair because she’s running for President, doggone it! (donate to her PAC here and get a free deep fried wedge of cheesecake!) Heck no.  She’s just setting the record straight and answering questions.  As she says in the video, she came to Iowa to listen to “the individual Americans who want the exceptionalism put back in this country.” Who knew that Governor Palin was a student of American Studies?  Somebody call Donald Pease!

“Hunter,” a pseudonymous blogger at the Kos thinks that this tour was just Palin’s narcissism playing out.  I don’t know why he thinks this, unless Palin is taking the Patrick…

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June 2, 2011, 3:07 pm

As The Department Turns: What Causes Conflict, Drama And Other Energy Sapping Dynamics

Things can explode when you least expect it!

 This week’s Chronicle of Higher Education features a blog post by David Perlmutter entitled “It’s Not Your Fault.”  Aimed mostly at helping assistant professors and graduate students understand how they might have unintentionally become the target of a senior person’s anger or jealousy, Perlmutter explores six factors that might cause unwelcome behaviors by senior people.  While it is sometimes the case that a younger person’s actions might have provoked the incident or ongoing dynamic, it is also likely that it didn’t. The project of figuring out what went wrong can be just as agonizing for a younger person as the reprisals and criticisms themselves. 

As Perlmutter notes wisely, “sometimes the quickest relief comes from merely figuring out that a single tussle or a longstanding feud is not your fault but rather originates in the minds,…

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