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August 19, 2011, 10:36 pm

Putting The Exceptionalism Back In: Does Sarah Palin Have A Shot At the Nomination?

Photo credit: Ed Reinke, AP

We at Tenured Radical were skimming the Daily Kos today and stumbled on a video made by Sarah Palin’s people as she was making a run through Iowa. But she wasn’t at the State Fair because she’s running for President, doggone it! (donate to her PAC here and get a free deep fried wedge of cheesecake!) Heck no.  She’s just setting the record straight and answering questions.  As she says in the video, she came to Iowa to listen to “the individual Americans who want the exceptionalism put back in this country.” Who knew that Governor Palin was a student of American Studies?  Somebody call Donald Pease!

“Hunter,” a pseudonymous blogger at the Kos thinks that this tour was just Palin’s narcissism playing out.  I don’t know why he thinks this, unless Palin is taking the Patrick…

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March 26, 2010, 1:56 pm

On Political Violence: Vandalism And Mortal Threats In The Wake Of The Wake Of The Health Care Vote

If you actually go to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, rather than simply believe what you have heard in the media, you can evaluate for yourself whether the twenty Democratic congressional seats she is urging the Republicans to take back in November are, or are not, marked with rifle cross hairs. I’m voting for not, although I haven’t looked through a rifle sight in decades, so I am no authority.

I think the notion that Palin is inviting political assassins to, as we now say in the political arena, “bring it on” (I guess if you are a Republican you say “let’s roll”) takes an act of imagination. In order to imagine that one was being summoned by Palin to harm a sitting Congressman as part of a rebellion against tyranny, one would have to disregard what the former Governor of Alaska (or the person who maintains the site for her) actually says in the note attached to the map. “We’re…

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May 28, 2009, 12:44 pm

Should Have Taken The Car (And Other Radical Notes On Public Policy and Family Values)

In case you were about to get to work this morning, hold your horses. Megan Stack at The Huffington Post gives us a sneak preview of the latest episode in Wasilla’s Bristolgate scandal. In the upcoming GQ, hunkalicious high school dropout Levi Johnston reveals that on multiple occasions Todd Palin offered to give Bristol a car if she would break up with him.

Definitely should have taken the car, Bristol. Of course, maybe she figured that if she didn’t use birth control, and did have a baby, Todd and Sarah would have to give her a car anyway to take the baby to Baby Swim and Well Baby and Baby Baby. Or that Sarah would forget that it was Bristol’s baby, and maybe think it was just another baby she had delivered herself by mistake on a fund-raising trip. Then Bristol would have had both Levi and the car. Talk about thinking ahead!

But back to poor, wounded Levi, who is now said to…

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January 27, 2009, 1:46 pm

Another One Bites The Dust

Richard Perez-Pena* reports in today’s New York Times that conservative columnist William Kristol, by mutual agreement with the paper, will not be renewing his one year contract as a columnist for the Op-Ed page. Kristol will be writing for the Washington Post and contributing to its blog, Post Partisan. Note to the Post, where the Radical’s old buddy from Oligarch OCD days, Ruth Marcus is holding down the fort: this is almost as cute a name as Tenured Radical. But not quite.

Ah Bill, we hardly knew ye. But Kristol could not have been happy at the Times. It’s one thing to see your hideous little political world go down in flames, but quite another to be surrounded by a bunch of insanely happy liberals while it is happening. Perhaps because of constant liberal crowing, Kristol has seemed increasingly delusional since the Obama candidacy became an actual presidency. In yesterday’s

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December 23, 2008, 6:54 pm

Holiday Gifts for the Cheney, Bush and McCain Families To Express Our Gratitude for Their Public Service

Wondering what to get those special federal office holders for Christmas? An outrageous apologia from Bill Kristol? NO! Try this framed photo of Sarah Palin!* Lots of laughs around the Christmas Tree! And some bittersweet thoughts about what could have, you know, been…there. You know.

Or click here to purchase Parables of Pop Culture, a book that will help your favorite “old style” Republican pol talk to the family about how “the power of the words on the Burma Shave signs pale in comparison to the power of God’s words to us in the bible.” Well, yeah! I think so! And maybe God will also explain where the regulatory agencies were sleeping when the CFO buddies of the Bush-Cheney administration were siphoning money from every possible corner of the economy into their own pockets! No, don’t be mad, God — that’s a JOKE! There are no regulatory agencies any more! Ha! Ha!

Or click…

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September 16, 2008, 11:45 am

As Wall Street Tumbles, Herbert Hoover — er, John McCain — Claims That “The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Still Strong.”

Well, thank you Mary Sunshine.

Seriously folks, the economy hasn’t been sound for a long time, making it even more bizarre that John McCain made this claim yesterday, shortly after Lehman Brothers went down the tube. Even if — as at least one source correctly asserts — this phrase was part of a longer speech that acknowledges the current situation as worrisome, how can McCain float this fantasy when economists of all political persuasions are asserting that the economy has not hit bottom yet? That the worst may be yet to come? (Even the Radical, who does not pray often, is praying for you, AIG. And for you, WaMu.) Click here for video posted by CBS News that shows Obama finally getting aggressive; click here for video posted by FP Passport, a web log published by the journal Foreign Policy, that shows a longer clip from the McCain speech than I have quoted above.

The Radical keeps …

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September 14, 2008, 9:08 pm

The Most Recent Word On Sexism in National Politics

How do people without students find anything cool?

September 14, 2008, 4:15 pm

Sitemeter Strikes Again, and Other News

In a morning that I could have been doing other things (“Yeah? What, exactly?” you sneer) I have spent a substantial amount of time migrating to the New Sitemeter. And after a prolonged effort, during which I considered options from sending out an SOS to ahistoricality (a generous blogpal who has occasionally offered unsolicited but nonetheless very valuable advice about cyber-issues) or (as I did last time) simply closing down the account and re-registering (which means starting your stats all over again) I succeeded in activating the migration. Which leads me to reveal a small source of pride: becoming a blogger has made me a more skilled computer techie.

But to return to my previous line of thought, I was happy with old Sitemeter, just as I am more or less happy with the eleven year-old Tercel we intend to drive until it dies an honorable death. But I get it, I am not typical, and…

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August 31, 2008, 1:19 pm

You Don’t Need A Weatherman: Conservatives Respond to Sarah Palin

Do you know that Radicals read conservative publications? Well, they do — if they want to keep up, that is. I am even signed up for alerts from Human Events which, along with the National Review, I read regularly (this is the only thing, as far as I can tell, that I have in common with Dinesh D’Souza, unless he is secretly gay. Then there would be two things. Or maybe still one, since it is not a secret that I am gay.)

But D’Souza reminds me of an important point. The Republican Party, which has done its best to dismantle affirmative action and revile Democrats for trying to establish “quotas,” may have trouble with the Palin candidacy because they, and their stalking horses in the conservative intelligentsia, have gone to a great deal of trouble to convince their base that promoting the interests of women over men is ethically wrong. And there is at least the appearance that this…

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August 30, 2008, 1:57 pm

Is Sarah Palin Good For Women?

A commenter who can only be known as Anonymous 7:50 (choose names, people! it’s half the fun of blogging!) asked yesterday on my Obama post, “So, given all that, what didja think of the Palin selection today? Another historic step in the advancement of
women?” I hope this person is one of my students, because it is one of the best questions I have been asked lately and the idea that I might encounter Anonymous 7:50 in the classroom sounds fun.

My answer, less direct than you might like, is: Yes. I Suppose. And No. Not Really. And — Good For Her! Let’s Crack Open A Cold One!

For details on Sarah Palin’s career, you can go to this article in the Los Angeles Times. For her official bio, including pictures of her family and of the Governor holding a dead caribou by its rack, click here. For a checklist of why Palin strengthens the McCain ticket among conservatives, go to the…

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