Researcher-In-Residence in the Library

July 14, 2015, 1:15 pm

We’re kicking off a residency program next month.  Here is the gist:

The Researcher-In-Residence Program at the Virginia Tech Libraries aims to provide faculty, researchers, and designers with the opportunity to focus on a unique academic endeavor of their choosing in a supportive environment that includes interacting with the information and data professionals of the Libraries.

This annual residency is for visiting scholars, post-docs, or faculty on sabbatical whose work explores the application of data and information for technological advancement or human progress.

This Program is designed to:

  • Encourage and support applied interdisciplinary research across several areas including data curation, analysis, and visualization, digital libraries, publishing, literacies, instructional design, virtual communities, and learning environments.
  • Foster collaboration between librarians and researchers with regard to information and data science-related inquiry.
  • Enable the Libraries to improve services for researchers by better understanding their needs and processes through interacting with the researcher-in-residence. The result of this work may be a written case study or some other object that aids the Libraries and the researcher in achieving this improved understanding.

We also have an Artist-In-Residence program in the works — most likely for the digital arts. And a Library Commons Faculty Fellow that I hope will launch in the fall semester.


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