Video: Interview With Dan Chambliss, an Author of ‘How College Works’

Relationships with friends and professors make or break a student’s college experience. That deceptively simple observation has big implications for making higher education better. In How College Works, Daniel F. Chambliss, a professor of sociology at Hamilton College, and Christopher G. Takacs, a former student at Hamilton and now a doctoral student at the University of Chicago, use evidence from a longitudinal study of Hamilton students to explore how the college experience unfolds, and what students and especially colleges might do differently.

We sat down with Mr. Chambliss earlier this year to learn more about the book’s “reliable, powerful, available, and cheap” recommendations for improving the college experience. You can watch our conversation here:

This post marks the end of The Chronicle Book Club’s discussion of How College Works. Head over to the hashtag #ChronBooks to view the conversation.

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