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Proposal for Overhauling Student-Loan Program Gets Mixed Reviews

Washington — Legislation introduced in Congress this week that would overhaul the federal student-loan programs by changing how interest rates are set and how borrowers repay their loans is getting mixed reviews from student-aid advocates.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Thomas E. Petri, a Wisconsin Republican, is unlikely to progress through Congress anytime soon, but the proposal could be debated as part of the next reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, which would happen next year at the e…


Americans Prefer to Cut Spending on Defense Over Education, Poll Finds

If negotiations in Washington to avoid a “fiscal cliff” come down to a choice between cutting spending on defense or education, a majority of Americans would spare the education programs, according to the results of a poll released on Friday.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents to the poll said cuts should come from defense spending, compared with 43 percent who supported cutting education programs.

Among federal education programs, a majority of respondents said it was “very important” for Congr…


Colleges Worry That Tax Incentives for Donations Are Again on the Chopping Block

Higher-education advocates are closely watching how the current fiscal negotiations in Washington will affect federal support of colleges and universities.

But many are also concerned that a change in tax policy would affect an important private source of revenue to the industry: philanthropic giving, which topped $30-billion at American colleges and universities in 2011, according to the Council for Aid to Education.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have said that limiting tax ded…


New Scholarship Helps Student-Veterans Who Say For-Profit Colleges Victimized Them

A nonprofit foundation has established a scholarship program with an unusually narrow purpose: helping student-veterans who say they were defrauded or misled by for-profit colleges.

The Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund, a project of the Kisco Foundation, is currently accepting applications for its second round of awards. The fund provides grants of up to $5,000 to student-veterans who used their military educational benefits to attend a for-profit college and are now experiencing financial har…