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Facebook Rules and Instagram Rises in Institutional Social-Media Survey

In many ways, the results of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education’s annual social-media survey offer no surprises. But just because there aren’t major shifts in how colleges use social media to keep in touch with alumni or solicit gifts doesn’t mean that major changes in social media aren’t afoot.

The results of the fifth annual survey, released on Wednesday at CASE’s social-media conference, in Los Angeles, indicate that 98 percent of the nearly 2,000 respondents use social medi…


Report Advocates Using Sports to Promote a College’s Green ‘Brand’

The Natural Resources Defense Council has released a new edition of a report on colleges’ efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their sports programs. The report, “Collegiate Game Changers: How Campus Sport Is Going Green,” advocates using athletics—“the primary form of mass media advertising by academic institutions”—to spread awareness about green practices.

collegiate-game-changers-thumbThe report provides 10 case studies of greening in athletics—particularly at some of the nation’s biggest universities, like Ariz…


To Attract Students, Experts Say, Persistence Pays

Indianapolis — Some parents and prospective students might be annoyed by the seemingly endless stream of postcards and e-mails they get from colleges hoping to persuade them to apply.

But those efforts aren’t likely to stop anytime soon, a panel of admissions professionals told an audience here on Monday during a session at the annual meeting of the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

“As much as everyone says they want to be left alone, they don’t,” said Ned Jones,…


At Gathering of For-Profit Colleges, Mermaids Need Not Apply

Exhibit Hall.

The scene in the exhibit hall of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities’ de-glitzed 2013 annual convention. (Photo by Michael Cooney)

Orlando, Fla. — This year, the mermaid didn’t make the guest list.

At the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities’ convention in Las Vegas last year, a vendor’s booth in the exhibit hall featured a scantily clad woman in a mermaid costume who was dangling her tail into a giant water tank. In 2011, when Apscu held its conventi…


United Negro College Fund Updates Its Slogan, and Its Brand

Washington — The United Negro College Fund has a new message for potential donors: Think of students as investments.

That’s the focus of the UNCF’s latest advertising campaign, which was unveiled on Friday at the U.S. Department of Education’s headquarters here and will soon roll out nationwide, as the group tries to tailor its classic brand to attract younger, wealthier donors at a time of lagging college-attainment numbers for minority students.

The UNCF, one of the 150 largest philanthropies …


Social-Media Use Grows at Colleges, Despite Little Dedicated Staff

Colleges may still be unsettled by the prospect of MOOCs, but they are increasingly comfortable with another Web-based game-changer: social media.

On Thursday the Council for Advancement and Support of Education released its latest annual survey of social-media use by colleges, with more than 1,000 institutions responding. (The full results are here.) Colleges may be more social-media savvy, perhaps even social-media dependent, but at most colleges it’s still something employees do on the side.


New Arizona State U. Mascot Goes Back to the Publicly Juried Drawing Board

Three weeks after introducing an updated costume for its Sparky the Sun Devil mascot, Arizona State University is going back to the drawing board for a new new look—this one to be determined by popular vote.

Last week the university was still playing down the protests against the new mascot costume, rolled out on March 1. ASU attributed the outcry against the anime-ish redesign to a small but vocal minority of students, alumni, and fans whose displeasure was amplified by social media.

But on Tue…


Online Protests Give New Arizona State U. Mascot a Devil of a Time

The on-field Sparky has a new look (right) that some fans just haven't warmed to. (Photo courtesy Arizona State U.)

The new Sparky (right) got his look as part of a campaign to attract younger fans. (Photo courtesy Arizona State U.)

Some of the early buzz on the new look for Sparky, the Arizona State University Sun Devils’ mascot, has been, well, diabolical.

“Creepy” has popped up several times since its unveiling, on March 1.

“Sparky looks like he is on meth,” one Internet commenter offered.

“It’s like a cross between Jafar from ‘Aladdin’ and the honey bee from the Honey Nut Cheerios commercials, with a litt…


U. of Phoenix Reboots Advertising and Rebrands in the Process

“I am a Phoenix” is no more. The once-ubiquitous TV commercials touting student and faculty pride in the University of Phoenix have been replaced by a new ad campaign that its marketers hope will “project a hopeful, positive message for America.” It’s also designed to lay the ground for what one university executive called “a massive repositioning” of the institution.

The new ad push is hardly surprising. As The Chronicle reported this week, Phoenix and just about every other major for-profit co…