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‘Responsible Investing’ Is No Passing Fad, Report Says

The landscape is changing for so-called responsible investing, and  governing boards must adjust their strategies accordingly to gain a competitive advantage, according to a new report from the Commonfund Institute.

“Responsible investing” is the collective term given to three major categories of investing: socially responsible investing, or SRI; environmental, social, and governance investing, or ESG; and mission-related or impact investing. The combined responsible-investing market was worth s…


Report Calls for Socially Conscious Investing by Colleges

With more than $400-billion in endowment assets at their disposal, America’s colleges are well positioned to invest in the financially struggling communities in which they may be located, according to a new report by two groups concerned with community development and social justice.

“Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Investment,” a report by the Democracy Collaborative and the Responsible Endowments Coalition, asserts that everyone benefits when colleges invest in …


Students Converge for National Conference on Fossil-Fuel Divestment

Student-led campaigns urging colleges and universities to divest their stockholdings in fossil-fuel companies have materialized in recent months on more than 230 campuses. Nearly 200 student organizers from across the country will gather this weekend at Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, for a conference that leaders hope will unify the movement.

Nearly two years ago, students at Swarthmore began pushing the liberal-arts college to sell off its endowment holdings in fossil-fuel companies. Many…


Divesting From Fossil-Fuel Companies Is Unlikely to Harm Endowments, Report Says

College-endowment managers who resist the growing call to divest their holdings in fossil-fuel companies may be doing so for little or no financial reason, according to a new report.

An analysis released on Tuesday by the Aperio Group, an investment-management firm that offers its clients a “socially responsible index,” among other investment strategies, found that while divesting from fossil-fuel companies does not necessarily add value to a portfolio, it does not subtract value from it either,…