Chief Academic Officers Get an Association of Their Own

For all of the organizations and associations in higher education, none is for chief academic officers. Until now.

Next month at the American Council on Education’s annual meeting, some 100 provosts and CAOs from all sectors will convene for the first time to hear about the new Association of Chief Academic Officers.

Wendy Wilkins, a former provost at New Mexico State University, says the group will be a forum for chief academic leaders—many of whom oversee faculty, student-affairs, research, internationalization, and in some cases even finance offices—to share experiences and lessons.

Some organizations, including the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, already have subgroups for chief academic officers, but Ms. Wilkins says the participants “are not getting that broader view.” Some private consulting firms have also sought to build practices around groups of chief academic officers, but she says the new group “will be considerably less expensive” than those arrangements.

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