Sequester Watch: Boston U. Already Feeling the Effects

Bottom Line is rounding up reports on other Web sites about the potential effects of sequestration, the mandatory federal spending cuts that kicked in at midnight. This is the latest in a series of posts.

  • Boston University is among the institutions where the effects of the sequester have already been felt, according to an article on its BU Today Web site. The university has already seen some federal research grants withheld, with accompanying layoffs and hiring freezes. Notable quote, from Provost Jean Morrison: “The loss of federal revenue cannot be made up elsewhere.”
  • Elsewhere, colleges in Western Michigan are bracing for reduced financial aid, and the University of Vermont and the University of Minnesota are pondering millions of dollars cut from their research budgets. Notable quote, from Len Biernat, a law professor at Hamline University: “This is a crazy way to operate.”
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