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Study Links State Higher-Education Spending to Demographics and Economy

A new analysis of state spending on higher education finds that states with a diverse economy, low unemployment, and a history of support for higher education are likely to maintain public spending on colleges. Conversely, states that do not have those characteristics have a hard time overcoming fiscal challenges to create a robust system of higher education.

The study, described in a report titled “College Funding in Context: Understanding the Difference in Higher Education Appropriations Acros…


Bond-Rating Agency Considers Downgrade for Illinois’s Public Universities

Moody’s Investors Service just dumped a load of coal into the Christmas stockings of Illinois’s public universities. The bond-rating agency announced on Tuesday that it was considering downgrading the credit rating of the eight institutions because of the state’s poor fiscal situation and the universities’ reliance on state funds.

Moody’s rates about $2.6-billion in debt issued by the university system. A downgrade could increase the cost of future borrowing, not to mention the stigma that a dow…


Recessionary Pressures Bring About a ‘New Era’ in College Finances, Report Says

It isn’t news that the recession hit higher education hard, but a new report from the Delta Cost Project presents data about key shifts from 2007 to 2010 that the report says have “ushered in a new era in higher-education finance.”

The report is one of a series of annual updates released by the Delta Cost Project, an arm of the American Institutes for Research, a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization. Titled “College Spending in a Turbulent Decade,” the latest report affirms many famili…