A Silly Poem for a Silly Post

A certain white chick–Schaefer Riley–

Decided to do something wily:

Knowing her blogs

Were going to the dogs,

She got all gnarly and smiley.


“I’ll get readers, by God!”

She cried to the Quad

(Where no one paid her any attention).

“I’ll get ‘em all back by writing about blacks

And that way have reader retention!”


She got readers all right,

But not one in sight

Was happy with what she had written;

No WSJ  bud

Could cut through the mud.

Poor NSR chewed off more than she’d bitten.


Pity the writer who can’t manage her post

Except by attack, or by whining, or boast;

Turn your attention to real scholars and scribes

Who don’t spend their lives writing cheap diatribes.


Except, of course, for this one.






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