Committee on the Radicalization of Billionaires

Ah, hypocrisy. First there is the ridiculous and McCarthy-like Congressional Committee started by New York Republican Congressman Peter King. King, of course, was a huge supporter of the Irish Republican Army, but that was different, wasn’t it? Becuase the IRA was actually linked to attacks on civilians whereas the American Muslim community is not actively trying to attack civilians. Watching  Jon Stewart lampoon King was funny, but depressing.

Equally depressing is the ridiculous brouhaha at NPR, caused by that enfant terrible of right-wing “journalism,” James O’Keefe. Yes, the same O’Keefe who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that ACORN was not a community-based social-justice organization, but a prostitution and drug ring. Except, of course, it wasn’t. And what did O’Keefe prove over at NPR that forced NPR chief Vivian Schiller to resign? That some of its fund raisers called the Tea Party racist. Um, okay. They are racist. It’s a white, rural, and highly Christian movement that uses the “other” in the form of Muslims and gays and big-city liberals and drug dealers to rally its masses. By definition that is a race-based movement … but whatever.

The truly depressing thing is that the NPR “scandal” is just one more example of how the so-called “objective” news, as opposed to Fox, must pretend that they have absolutely no point of view whatsoever which translates into airing the most absurd right-wing point of view whenever they air something that might be deemed liberal.  The NPR we have today, with its “fair and balanced” coverage is a toothless shell, unable to call a spade a spade, or a racist movement a racist movement, all for fear of losing federal funding.

Depressing, really really depressing. And yet all of it has inspired me to start a Peoples’ Committee to look into the radicalization of America’s corporate elite, a radicalization that has led them to try and take over local government, news media, and yes, to eat our brains. Let us begin with the billionaire Koch brothers, manipulators of the masses extraordinaire. How is it that Wisconsin gov and lover of democracy Scott Walker took a call from a pretend David Koch and seriously discussed planting goons in the crowd of protesters to justify a violent police response? And why the hell wasn’t Fox News all over that? Oh yeah, because it’s owned by that other radical billionaire, Rupert Murdoch.

And what about in neighboring Michigan, where the Republican gov Rick Snyder is so openly representing corporate interests that he is going to tax poor people and the elderly for about $1.7-billion and then give $1.8-billion in corporate tax breaks! Although some people in Michigan are beginning to organize, Gov Snyder, yet another lover of democracy, is now threatening to take over local government. The GOP proposal in the House and Senate there would first cut all funds to local municipalities then it would allow the Gov to deem a town in “fiscal emergency.” Once a “fiscal emergency” was declared, the Gov would appoint someone to run the town instead.  That person would end unions, dissolve city government, and end all contractual obligations. And best of all, this all would be done by a firm hired by the state.

Where is the Congressional investigation of the corporate takeover of the U.S.? Where is the political outrage that corporations made record profits this year and continued to screw workers—asking for pay freezes, hiring freezes, and concessions on worker benefits. Where is the Congressional investigation that corporate controlled media (and yes, that includes NPR because they’re controlled by Congressional funding and Congress is controlled by corporate donors) cannot even call a highly racialized movement like the Tea Party a racist movement?

Clearly it’s not going to come from a corporation-funded Congress. It’s coming from the people. Like the joke going around the Wisconsin labor protests. There are 12 cookies on the table. Corporate elites eat 11 of them and then look at the Tea Party guy and say “Hey, those damn unions are trying to eat your cookie.” Except it’s not funny because it’s true.

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