‘I Didn’t Know She Was A Prostitute!’

Come on guys, really?  The most recent defense trotted out by men of authority who have sex with women other than their wives is the “I didn’t know she was a prostitute” excuse.  It is a clever explanation, because character seems to no longer matter.  Clearly these days, sex with anybody or thing is OK so long as it’s “consensual.”  Forget about good judgment or character.

Remember Former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s run in with a New York City  maid?  Despite DNA evidence implicating Strauss-Kahn in a sexual encounter of some sort with the alleged victim, prosecutors dropped sexual assault charges against him after concluding that the hotel housekeeper had questionable character.  What about his character?

Strauss-Kahn is back in the news though, charged with aggravated  “pimping.” Prosecutors claim that he’s one of the masterminds behind high end orgies with prostitutes from Belgium.  His attorney, Henri Leclerk, has offered a curious defense, “As you can imagine at these kinds of parties you are not always dressed.  I defy you to tell the difference between a nude prostitute and a nude classy woman.”  Is that a trick question?

One of the sex workers named Jade explained to police that Strauss-Kahn was highly revered at the sex parties, “treated like the Messiah.”  According to Jade, the “parties” were a hot spot for “well-known people.”  Another sex worker claims that she participated in nearly a dozen orgies with Strauss-Kahn.

Not surprisingly, Strauss-Kahn is no longer considered a front runner or even contender to become the next French president.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Secret Service is trying the same strategy: “We didn’t know they were prostitutes.”  Really, guys?  And should we really believe this was the first time?

Last week, during the period in which they were to prepare for President Obama’s visit to Colombia, Secret Service and military personnel brought back as many as 21 sex workers to their beachfront Colombian hotel for sex, says U.S. Senator Susan Collins.   According to news reports, about 11 Secret Security agents and 10 or 11 military personnel participated.  The group was “caught” so to speak, when one of the men shortchanged one of the women, paying her less than what was agreed upon.  That’s when she called the police.  Interesting …  A deal is a deal.

Accounts vary about the money owed, including that the agreed fee was $800.  In another account, the agreed fee was $250.  Most accounts are consistent on what the agent paid the next morning, something around $30.  That’s when the sex worker alerted authorities about the fraud.

Presidential security aside, the Secret Service agents may have been distracted, violated curfew, and breached protocol, but they were not breaking any laws as sex work is legal in Colombia and “tolerance zones” are located throughout the country.

And Secret Service agents have a second line of defense: they made sure to copy the women’s identification cards (so that they could be sure all the sex workers were of legal age).  The last thing they’d want to do is embarrass the president and our nation by sleeping with underage prostitutes …

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