Mitt Joins the Trumper Movement

Mitt Romney is on record saying he thinks President Obama was born in Hawaii, but his former rival Donald Trump, whom people living above insect life know full well he loathes with a passion who is now a supporter  at whose feet he groveled for heaven knows what reason  and with whom he worked a Republican fundraiser in Las Vegas last night, is a fraud who will lie through his teeth whenever it suits his repulsively over-the-top ego thinks  the man does not think—I can’t believe I am typing out this word as if it’s a verb that could pertain to him  Obama was born in Kenya.

People say Mitt was born in America and is an American citizen, although what’s with his father and the Mexico story? is a nice and decent man, so his excuse for bottom-fishing for wacko voters  campaigning with  the most vulgar man in America   the man  who’s perpetrating the biggest and most racially motivated lie in contemporary politics—a lie we more rational citizens thought had been put to rest, once and for all,  who is resuscitating yet again  the story that Obama was born in Kenya is  the strongest evidence ever for how low the average American I.Q. is, not to mention the most idiotic story outside of those tales about aliens invading the suburbs  not clear.

When interviewed on CNN, The Donald Mr. Trump resorted to that favorite McCarthyite trick of pointing to anonymous sources  asserted that despite the fact that the state of Hawaii has confirmed Obama was born there, people say that Obama was born in Kenya.  and he yammered on, continually and rudely interrupting Wolf Blitzer’s questioning, saying that he—do you believe it?—he, Donald Trump, the expert in exactly what, I ask you? knew Obama’s mother was not in the hospital on the day of his birth.

Mr. Romney, meanwhile, professed the same old idiotic claptrap about how everyone is entitled to their own opinion respect for the opinions of others, saying, “I don’t agree with all the people who support me. And my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in.” What a sleazy, slimeball way to yet again weasel his way out of taking a principled stand on something. We can all agree with Mr. Romney on this. But then Romney, apparently sensing the Donald isn’t exactly the kind of human being he wants to be seen buddying up to if he wants to attract rational, educated independents, added the most cynical evidence yet that he’s a Machiavellian creep who sees politics as strictly a blood sport   Mr. Romney then cynically wisely added, “But I need to get 50.1 percent or more. And I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.”

Here’s a reasonable question: How can a man who wants to be President of the United States sell his soul to the devil  campaign alongside the man with the ugliest haircut—not to mention soul—in all of America Donald Trump?

p.s.  Blogging on the birther movement about a year ago, I investigated my own birth certificate. I found incontrovertible evidence that Laurie Fendrich either does not exist or is the twin of long-ago murdered sister named Laura.

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