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Skirt Day 2012

Photo by Flickr CC user Joseph Gray; model, Sara Foust

So my friend Tim comes to visit. I don’t let just anybody into the office today because I am in official Grading Hell (all grades done, but not all comments completed–this is how I torture myself), but Tim is not just anybody. He’s the Knight in Shining Technical Armor. He’s the one who rescues everybody in my Department (but especially me) when strange intergalactic stuff enters my hard drive. Or whatever it is that happens when my computer…


Didn’t I Hate You in High School?

I’m on Facebook and a name I recognize comes up asking for a “friend request.” Usually I love these invitations: they’re great.

The only ones that make me panic are ones sent by people I knew, sort of, from my youth.

So when I see that there’s a name I once knew, I sink into down into my office chair and feel awkward, weird, sweaty, and fourteen years old. It’s not a name I actually remember because there’s another name tacked onto the end. It’s always the photograph that gets me in these …