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Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

Remember that young phenom who rocked the 2004 Democratic National Convention with the refrain “we worship an awesome God in the blue states!”? Well, in style, at least, he was nowhere to be found at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast. Indeed, listening to President Obama deliver his remarks I was struck by the dirge-like joylessness of his oration.

In substance, however, his speech quietly drove home many of the core-beliefs of the ever-mobilizing, ever-regrouping, ever-coming-in-second-pla…


Obama’s Easter Christology: What Rankles, What Works

This past Tuesday morning President Obama delivered a short address at the Easter Prayer Breakfast.

In attendance were various Christian leaders such as Bishop T.D. Jakes, Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, among others.

Obama’s speech will be of interest to those who study religion and politics in America for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is the way it demonstrates (yet again) ho…


When a Christian Conservative Calls You a Bigot. . . .

You should:

a) Ignore the slight

b) Call your lawyer

c) Respond in kind

I think the appropriate answer here is “c.” For the past few days I have been receiving Google alerts about a screed written by former Time Magazine reporter turned Patrick Henry College Professor, David Aikman.

The piece keeps popping up in Christian and Conservative and Christian Conservative Web sites and I keep getting astonished at Dr. Aikman’s disquisition on my “bigotry.” …


Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

President Obama spoke on Thursday morning at the 59th annual National Prayer Breakfast. The gathering is one of those peculiar Washington pageants that elicits diametrically opposed reactions from those who bother to take note of its existence.

Those hostile to the NPB view it as a raging Christ-fest. Those in support of it view it as good, clean, absolutely necessary, public worship of God.

I, as you may have surmised, could do without the NPB. But part of being what I might call a “New Secul…