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Wall Street Occupation, Day 3

Thousands gathered Saturday

a guest post by Zach Schwartz-Weinstein

Zuccotti Park in the Lower Manhattan financial district has been occupied by a politically diverse group for the last three days, with participation of up to several thousand at a time.  Protesters have renamed the space “Liberty Park,” to brand it as an American counterpoint to Cairo’s Tahrir (“Liberation”) Square, and it has played host to general assemblies of thousands of people, hundreds of whom have slept …


What Are You Doing for the Next 2 Months?

Thousands of students and educators will join the 9/17 Wall Street occupation

On Saturday September 17th, movement organizers hope to funnel 20,000 protesters into Manhattan’s financial district, set up kitchens and tents, and occupy Wall Street for the next several months.  Proclaiming we are the 99 percent,  many of the  7,500 persons who have indicated an intention to participate are the highly educated working poor, underemployed with graduate degrees, or even fully employed but unable to m…


Occupying the Airwaves

No Justice, No Peace

No Justice, No Peace: The Return of Nonviolent Direct Action

May 17 is the 57th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education, and educators across the country are on the march once again.

At 1 pm EST you can catch the live broadcast from the National Press Club for the launch of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education. Here in California, where teachers and activists occupied the state capitol last week, you can join a watching party on any Cal State campus. A massive coalition of educato…


Big Brother on Campus

For the third year in a row, U.S. student direct action continues to rise. The year’s best-known action was the amazing occupation of the Wisconsin state capitol. The most important all-but-uncovered action was the continuing fierce struggle at the University of Puerto Rico, held by riot police for more than six weeks. Two weeks ago, California State University activists coordinated protests across the CSU system, ending in simultaneous occupations at as many as 11 of the 23 campuses. Last week,…