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Personal Accountability

A hundred Occupy activists from New York and New Haven clustered Saturday on the lawn of GE Jeffrey Immelt’s house in New Canaan, calling him out because GE pays no taxes.

Now, obviously, it’s an article of American faith that God helps those who help themselves; that we are soaring eagles and not heaps of ants; that capitalism is irreversibly red in tooth and claw, and was meant to be. Rugged Ayn Randians are always passing out gold stars to plutocrats for “working hard”—as if janitors, nurse…


Neoliberal Economic Policies Are Still Eating Our Brains

I was scarred by George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead as a child. I somehow was allowed to tag along with an older sister and a date to a drive-in and I cringed in the back seat as zombies tried to eat the brains of Americans.

As an adult watching this film, I was less scared by the cheesy visuals and amused that the “victims” were already mindless as they moved around a shopping mall buying stuff they didn’t need. But I still have nightmares about zombies. Now, however, those nightmares are real.