With Apologies to Dr. Seuss (and the unlamented Marvin K. Mooney)

Hosni Mubarak, won’t you please go now?

You can go on a horse, you can go on a cow.

You can live in utter luxury in Sharm el Sheikh

Or sleep in a tent with a hookah and a snake.

You can bring along your buddies, with their ill-gotten dough.

You can call yourself a patriot

Just go, go, go!

You can claim utter innocence of violence and of death.

You can claim to be a hero with your dying breath.

You can act as though you always had intended to depart,

You can find a hundred ways to say you planned this from the start.

You can ask for help from Israel (they owe you one … or two).

You can hide your head forever in a pile of camel poo.

You can finally retire, you can prosper or expire,

You can be once more a flier, or a humble village crier,

Just depart, you god-damned liar,

Go and do it, I mean you!

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