New Buildings and Renovations at Emmanuel College, Pepperdine U., Washington College, and the U. of California at Santa Barbara

Elkins Auditorium

Among recent projects on campuses is the renovation of Elkins Auditorium at Pepperdine U. (Pepperdine U. photo)

The economy may still be in a shambles, but a number of colleges have opened new buildings or completed renovations this fall. Here are several.

Wilkens Center

Emmanuel College has opened the new Wilkins Science Center (left; Emmanuel College photo), designed by Goody Clancy. The four-story, 47,500-square-foot building, constructed over a 120-space parking garage, houses teaching and research labs, offices, study space, and classrooms.

Pepperdine University has completed a 16-month-long series of renovation and expansion projects that added classrooms and improved both indoor and outdoor spaces, and also improved the campus irrigation system so that it relies almost entirely on reclaimed water. Among facilities included in the project were the Elkins Auditorium, Seaver College, the Appleby Center, and the Rockwell Academic Center.


Pepperdine U. renovated several outdoor spaces, including Seaver College’s Joslyn Plaza. (Pepperdine U. photo)

The University of California at Santa Barbara has opened a three-building, $102-million complex that adds 209,750 square feet of space on the west side of the campus. The buildings are the 96,700-square-foot Social Sciences & Media Studies Building, which houses departments for the College of Letters & Science; the 97,300-square-foot Education Building, which houses the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and other programs; and the 15,570-square-foot, 298-seat Pollock Theater, which will serve the university’s Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media. The architects, Kalmann, McKinnell & Wood, studied local buildings—particularly the  Santa Barbara Courthouse—to create exteriors that fit local traditions.


The Social Sciences & Media Studies Building at the U. of California at Santa Barbara is one of three in a new complex. (Rod Rolle photo)


Also in the complex is the Pollock Theater. (Rod Rolle photo)

Washington College has renovated and expanded its Gibson Center for the Arts. The $24-million project, overseen by GWWO, renovated the 440-seat main theater and added a new, 140-seat performance space and a 200-seat recital hall. The project also brought expanded rehearsal areas, offices, classrooms, and green-room space, and for the first time created a climate-controlled, secure art gallery on the campus.

Washington College

Washington College renovated its Gibson Center for the Arts. (Washington College photo)

Washington College

The Gibson Center’s main theater was refurbished as part of the project. (Washington College photo)

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