University Library, or Fortress From a Sci-Fi Dream World?

gieselA bunch of Web sites are buzzing about the Geisel Library at the University of California at San Diego, designed by William Pereira and built in 1970, and its resemblance to the snow fortress in Inception. The site MovieFill provides the most colorful analysis, saying that the two buildings look “a little too similar for mere coincidence.” 

“The same building was used as an exterior in Killer Tomatoes Strike Back,” the writer says. (Wikipedia notes that the building has been used in other movies.) 

Then the writer goes on to complain that the building is overexposed, seen all over the university’s marketing material — and elsewhere: “Once, I even met an Asian dude who had a picture of it tattooed on his shoulder.  I’m not sure if him being Asian is relevant, but it was pretty weird.” 


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