Video: Tree Harvesting for a Sustainable Project at U. of Vermont

The University of Vermont is renovating a modern building on the main oval of its campus, and the work’s being done in a sustainable way. The renovation will include designs to maximize energy efficiency and even process human waste through an innovative treatment system. (Click here to see local coverage of the project.)

Of course, many green projects include the use of sustainably harvested and renewable materials, and that’s the topic of the video below. Folks from the university took their video cameras into the institution’s Jericho Research Forest, where foresters are cutting trees that will provide paneling for the building. In the video, Brendan Weiner, coordinator of a green-forestry education effort at the university, talks about the process of certifying the sustainable timber that comes out of the woods. And the video also follows Bill Torrey, the logger on the project, who demonstrates his techniques for “directional felling,” or dropping a selected tree without hitting other trees in the forest.

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