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A Painting Prof’s Full Head of STEAM


Photo by Evan Blaser via Flickr/CC

It would have been easy for the administration at Hofstra University to turn its budget-driven eye toward the single remaining full-time painting line in the department of fine arts, design, and art history and see it as perfect for the chopping block. All that salary, so few majors—why not redirect that money to one of the STEM departments?

But last week, after wavering for four years, the administration gave the go-ahead for my department to advertise for a f…


Don’t Always Blame Parents. Or Praise Them, Either.

Commodus, son of Marcus Aurelius (photo by Flickr/CC user Renaud Camus)

The saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” ignores the many apples that roll far, far away from their trees. Most parents, aware that some offspring apples can roll too far away, try to raise their children with something more than a laissez-faire approach. Even relatively lax parents—not to mention Amy Chu-spawned tiger moms or college students’ “helicopter parents”—assume that they have significa…