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Universities Are Vast Copy Machines—and That’s a Good Thing

Universities are and have always been vast copy machines. Evolved from medieval monasteries and their vast libraries and scriptoria, universities have always had as central functions of their mission the copying, transforming, and preserving works of art, thought, and science and making them available to their patrons.

More recently, universities have found cause to make copies of books, articles, films, photographs, maps, and other materials in forms easily accessible to students through electr…


The UVa Drama Just Won’t Quit

The New York Times Magazine has posted its cover story for this Sunday. It’s an attempt at a comprehensive account of the deposition and reposition of the University of Virginia’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan, in June.

The article, written by Andrew Rice, gets much right. It captures the confusing pace of those two weeks fairly well. Rice was able to interview many of the principals, including the rector, Helen E. Dragas, head of the UVa Board of Visitors. Dragas has been reluctant to revisit t…