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Racial Gaps in Attainment Widen, as State Support for Higher Ed Falls

The Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics released on Thursday its enormous annual report on the state of education in the United States. “The Condition of Education 2014” is based on 42 national indicators, from preschool enrollment to degree attainment to labor-force participation.

The report doesn’t draw any conclusions, but it provides an abundance of data on all levels of education. While we don’t necessarily learn much about higher education that we didn’t a…


Women Are Underrepresented as College Chiefs but May Get Higher Pay

Walk into the president’s office at a public research university, and chances are high that the person behind the desk is a man. An 84-percent chance, in fact.

According to new data from The Chronicle’s annual survey of executive compensation, women accounted for just 40 of the 254 people who served as chief executives of public universities and public-college systems in 2012-13.

It probably isn’t a surprise that women are underrepresented at the helms of universities, considering that they are …


There Is a Gender Pay Gap in Academe, but It May Not Be the Gap That Matters

The gender-based wage gap has been in the spotlight lately, as the Obama administration used a pair of executive orders this week to remind the country that women make 77 cents for every dollar men make, according to oft-quoted (and sometimes criticized) data from the Census Bureau.

New data released this week by the American Association of University Professors show there is a gender wage gap in academe, too. However, the bigger problem in academe—as in society at large—may not be a wage ga…


18 Million Undergraduates Enrolled in Fall 2012, and Other New Data

The U.S. Department of Education sure knows how to ring in the New Year! Last week the National Center for Education Statistics released lots of new data from its vast Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, or Ipeds. The numbers provide a fresh look at enrollment, graduation rates, finances, and employment in 2012-13 at more than 7,000 institutions nationwide.

Here are some highlights:

Enrollment (Fall 2012):

  • Total enrollment at postsecondary institutions fell about 2 percent from 2011…