#Politics: Academics Jump to Twitter to Talk About the Conventions

As the number of professors using social media multiplies, the ease with which we can get a real-time view of the opinions of today’s thinkers is increasing exponentially. Especially now, as professors report from the convention floors and their couches with an off-the-cuff mix of aggregation, commentary, news, and personal anecdote. These are the people @Chronicle will be following tonight during President Obama’s address:

Siva Vaidhanayathan, University of Virginia:

Bear Braumoeller, Ohio State University:

Melissa Harris-Perry, Tulane University:

  Robert Reich, University of California at Berkeley:

Stephen M. Caliendo, North Central College:

Claire Potter, The New School:

Shirley Samuels, Cornell University:

Jennifer Mercieca, Texas A&M University:

Duke University and Hofstra University
Some universities have also created formal streams for staff and students. Well, as formal as a hashtag can get:


Will any other academics be tweeting for the president’s address tonight? Leave your following suggestions in the comments.

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