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Presidential Candidates Are Urged to Strengthen Support for Public Colleges

The State Higher Education Executive Officers, a nonpartisan association, has written an open letter asking President Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, to strengthen federal support for public colleges.

In the letter, the association urges the candidates to sustain the amount of federal money for research as well as need-based student aid.

It’s not all about the money, though. State higher-education leaders also want the next president to continue to emphasize college completion as a …


In Debate, Obama and Romney Clash Over Who Would Do More for Education

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama wave at the start of Wednesday night’s debate at the U. of Denver (Reuters/Rick Wilking/Landov).

In the first presidential debate of this fall’s campaign, which focused on domestic policy, President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, sparred over their tax plans, the federal deficit, Wall Street regulation, and health care.

Throughout the 90-minute debate Wednesday evening at the University of Denver, both candidates…


In U.S. Senate Contest in Mass., Candidate’s Academic Post Is an Issue

Titles in academe can be a tricky issue, raising a host of complicated questions about identity, status, and etiquette.

But in one of the most closely watched Senate races this election season, the question of how to refer to a candidate who is also an academic is inherently a political one.

Elizabeth Warren (Photo by David Shankbone via Flickr/CC)

Elizabeth Warren, a professor at Harvard Law School who is running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, was asked at a debate on Tuesday night wheth…


Romney Says He Would Not Deport Illegal Students Who Hold Special Permits

Ahead of Wednesday’s first presidential debate, Mitt Romney has said that he would not repeal President Obama’s new policy granting a two-year hold on deportation for many young illegal immigrants, The Denver Post reports. After months of refusing to answer the question of how he would deal with the estimated 1.7 million young people who qualify for the Obama administration’s policy, Mr. Romney has now said that he would honor the special work permits until he could enact permanent reform.

“The …


In New Ad for Hispanic Voters, Romney Hits Obama on Soaring Tuition and Student Debt

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign released a Spanish-language ad on Friday that blames President Obama and Democrats for rising tuition and high student-loan debt.

“Four years ago, Hispanics hoped Democrats would improve education,” the ad’s narrator says. “The reality is that more than 75 percent of the population thinks that college is not accessible, now that tuition costs have increased 25 percent under the Democrats and student debt is a trillion dollars.”

The advertisement uses footage …


Student Aid Is a Recurring Theme as Obama Outlines Plans for a Second Term

Charlotte, N.C.—As he formally accepted his party’s nomination for a second term as president, Barack Obama framed this year’s election as a fundamental choice on important issues, including access to higher education.

President Obama, shown onstage with former President Bill Clinton at the convention on Wednesday, wove references to the importance of providing student aid into several parts of his acceptance speech on Thursday night. (Photo by Douglas Graham, CQ Roll Call, Getty)

In his 38-minu…