Letter Bomb, Possibly From Anti-Technology Group, Injures Mexican Professor

A professor at Pachuca Polytechnic University, in Mexico, suffered minor burns on Wednesday when a letter bomb addressed to another member of the faculty exploded in his hands, the Mexican newspaper Excelsior reports.

The incident, which raised fears of renewed attacks by an anti-technology terrorist group, occurred as the professor used special security procedures to open what appeared to be a suspiciously heavy letter. After the explosion, university officials immediately called in security forces to protect students and faculty members as state authorities installed metal detectors and X-ray machines at other institutions of higher education.

Mexican authorities, who are now investigating the incident, refused to either speculate on a motive or identify the name or position of the professor to whom the letter was addressed. But the terrorist attempt recalled a string of attacks by package bomb over the last year carried out by a group that calls itself “Individuals Tending Toward Savagery” and that opposes nanotechnology and other types of experimental technology.

In an incident in August, two professors connected with technology transfer and engineering were wounded on the campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education outside Mexico City by the group, which claims inspiration from Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

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