Proposal Pushes Ontario Colleges to Do More Online Education

The Ontario government is reviewing a recommendation that the province’s colleges and universities put a third of their courses online, says the Canadian Press news agency. The recommendation is contained in a draft report on how to improve education and cut costs that was prepared by Ontario’s ministry of higher education. The document had not been made public, but the Canadian Press obtained a copy. It recommends that “approximately one-third of courses each year be available online and count toward a student’s undergraduate degree.” In addition, it calls for colleges to consider three-year undergraduate degrees and year-round classes.

The Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario has criticized the proposals, including the push for online education. “To think that three in five of all courses—the majority of courses in a year that students would be doing—would be online, that is definitely harming the quality of education,” the federation’s chairperson, Sandy Hudson, told the news agency.

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