Questions Arise About Entrance Exams at Indian Institutes of Technology

The notoriously difficult admissions test for the Indian Institutes of Technology and the businesses that have been created to help prepare students for it are increasingly coming under fire—even from some of the institutes’ own leaders. Last week Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, one of the world’s top information-technology companies, caused a stir when he said the quality of students entering the elite engineering schools had declined. He blamed tutoring services, saying they help students get into the institutes who are not good candidates to study engineering. Now some of the institutes’ leaders say they have similar concerns, reports The Times of India. “There is a limit to what an instrument like an entrance exam can do,” said Gautam Baru, head of the Guwahati institute in northeastern India. This year, of the 13,195 students who qualified for admission to the schools, two-thirds of them said they had professional help to prepare for the entrance  exam.

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