U.S. Commits to Sending More Students to Latin America and the Caribbean

The U.S. government wants to increase student exchanges with Latin America and the Caribbean, committing to sending 100,000 American students to study in the region over the next 10 years, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. secretary of state, said Monday at a forum on ties between Brazil and the United States. In addition, the government wants to bring the same number of Latin American and Caribbean students to America each year. The forum, which was focused on education and business cooperation between Brazil and the United States, was held as part of an official visit to the United States this week by the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff.

The education effort, known formally as 100,000 Strong in the Americas, was announced by President Obama during a trip to Chile last month. It echos the president’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, which seeks to send more students to China.

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